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Solopreneur Sherpa takes the guesswork out of financial planning. We’re certified public accountants (CPA) who can help you navigate otherwise murky waters, letting you get back to what matters most: living your life.

Our Solutions


Whether you’re thinking about incorporating your business, or you’re curious about the advantages and disadvantages, we can help you wrap your head around the process.

Financial Systems

Systems can make - or break - any small business, and we’re eager to share what we’ve learned with fellow entrepreneurs.


We help you keep track of your company’s financial transactions, big or small, so you don’t have to and provide notifications and recommendations timely.

Tax Planning

Any taxpayer can benefit from tax planning, and we can help you with the right prep work that can make a huge difference when Tax Day comes around.

Tax Returns

Gone are the days of struggling to do your tax returns on your own. We'll help you go through the mountains of paper to ensure you get the maximum return.

We’re not your average accountants. Let’s talk.

Industries we work with

Real Estate

Digital Media



Finance & Insurance


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I’ve been a client of Solopreneur Sherpa since its inception and I’m constantly impressed by the level of personal attention...
I've relied on Solopreneur Sherpa's tax filing and guidance for my small business consistently over the past two years...
Solopreneur Sherpa really came through for me and my business. When someone like me, a new business owner...
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Zachary Guerrero
Digital Marketer

An Overview of Estimated Taxes

When you’re self-employed, you’re periodically responsible to pay for a little thing called taxes. Part One of this series: an overview of estimated taxes.

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